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The view from Sunflower Gardens
By Marilyn Bentley
Last Updated: January 03, 2005

Among the dear hearts and gentle people who live here, we prepare our hearts for holidays. The season of lights is always enchanting. Already some have sent and received cards. We also enjoyed recent concerts here by the Lay family and others. Thank you!

Our new resident is in the east wing. Wanda Conradt is a real poet:

“Rainbows. There’s a rainbow in the sky, God sent it from on high. There’s a rainbow in the sky and it will fade by and by. Oh, the Lord’s promise to me, safe in His arms I’ll be. As I looked up in the sky, the rainbow bid me goodbye. As I watched the rainbow go, I said, “Lord, I love you so.” And I know that another day, a beautiful rainbow will come my way.” --Wanda Conradt

“The years creep slowly by. The snow is on the grass again. The sun’s low down in the sky. Frost gleams where the flow’rs have been.” --Anonymous

Joy to the world! We decorated here with trees and lights. Church folks came caroling here, and ladies decorated each wing in their puzzle rooms. We enjoyed Christmas carols everywhere. Folks here all have unique decorations on ledges and at their doors; clever ideas from residents.

Soon it’s a van trip and a potluck dinner here.

Farewell to Georgia Harris and Evelyn Page.

We had a nice party Dec. 9 for the firemen and police officers and the volunteers. I think they enjoyed our open house. We did.

Ours is an awesome God! How about yours?

Verse of the week, selected by Gladys Reinert: “Fix your thoughts on what is true, right, honorable. Think about things that are pure, lovely, excellent and worthy of praise.” Philippians 4:8.

To some it’s “Hanukkah” time. Be a good Amer...I...can!

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