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Around Park City
By Margaret Wellman
Last Updated: July 19, 2007

Hi there! Warm enough for you? Although itís that time of year, my guess is it will just get a little hotter for a while. With school starting in about four weeks, itís a good thing they have AC because they canít open the windows much anymore. Iím just glad I donít have any in school to worry about anymore. Itís bad enough to worry about them even though they all are grown with families of their own. Moms still worry.

We went to the Sedgwick County Fair July 11 at Cheney and enjoyed the talent show. Megan Boldea won Fair Idol, and she is the one we went to hear sing. She beat out 13 others for the $500 prize. Sheís the daughter of Debbie Boldea and the granddaughter of Caroline Sue Young Watkins and Bud. Congratulations, Megan! She sings country and really is good for a 15-year-old. If you get a chance, go hear her.

While we were at the fair, also looked at the 4-H animals and other entries. Those kids really have some great stuff to display.
Everyone should have gotten a first place. Thatís why Iím not a judge. When we got done looking and started back to the van, Wayneís Go-Go didnít go anymore. So once again, I pushed him about two blocks. Thursday, we went to Winfield to get a new battery. That wasnít cheap, but now I hope I wonít have to push for a while. Went back Friday and everything went OK.

Congratulations to Kate Barnaby and Adam Piland on their upcoming Aug. 10 wedding.

Went to Andover for our great-granddaughter, Tala Toddís sixth birthday party July 14. Aunt Michelle fixed chicken legs and hot dogs and dad Jason grilled the hamburgers.

We were going to go to the free movie in the park Saturday evening but decided not to. Came home and moaned and groaned because we ate too much again. They have this free movie in the park along with free popcorn at 9 p.m. every other Saturday night. The next one is July 28, I think.

July 21 is a country dance at 7 p.m. with Bill Dry and the Rhythm Riders at the senior center. Itís a $2.50 donation at the door, and if you want, bring a snack to share. Aggie Dry always has everything so nice, and she really is a good cook, so come on over and have an evening of fun.

At 1 p.m. July 19, Victory gospel group will perform at the senior center. Itís open to the public, so come and hear them.

There were about 20 at the senior breakfast July 17 at Cracker Barrel. Good food and good company ó what more could you ask for?

July 20 at 6 p.m. is fun, food and games with Darlene. Itís always a fun time for all who come, and you are invited. Itís at the
senior center.

Square dancing is at 7 p.m. July 24, and we need more squares to come. Lonnie has these, and he also is teaching round dancing at 7 p.m. Wednesdays.

Condolences to the Etheredges on losing their dream, the Wild West World theme park. I, along with many others, was just sick to hear about it. Itís a terrible loss to Park City and the surrounding state. One family drove down from Kansas City that day just to go to Wild West, and when they got there, found it closed. How do you explain that to a carload of tired but excited kids?

Happy birthday to Marjorie Klabzuba, Betty Pulliam, Ashley Hudlin, Tobin Miller, Shea Miller, Henry Schmidt and Janie Warner.

Happy anniversary to Margaret and Wayne  Wellman, 56 years; Jack and Sue Ann Collins, 10 years; and to Evelyn and Frank Neal. I wish all many more good years to come.

Jump rope, that used to be so easy. Some scholars believe that jumping rope dates back to AD 1600, when Egyptians used grapevines to do it. No matter what you use, proponents of the sport claim that just 10 minutes of skipping rope has the same health benefits as running for 45 minutes. There used to be, and still are, rhymes that you say while jumping rope. I canít seem to think of them, though. Can you?

Smart and busy beavers? After thieves stole more than $70,000 from a casino in Louisiana in 2004, they panicked and dumped some of it into a creek. While searching for the stolen loot, law enforcement officials made a startling discovery. Enterprising beavers had torn open one moneybag and stuffed the bills into the brush of their dam.

Iím taking next week off, so there wonít be any ďAround Park CityĒ column, at least not from me. You can still call me at 744-2907 and get me your news for the Park City Post, which goes to press in a week already.

The mid-month senior potluck supper and meeting, along with fun and games, is at 5:30 p.m. July 19. Bring something good to eat and plan on an evening of bingo, cards, etc. Bring a bingo prize and make sure itís wrapped. Thatís the fun of guessing what youíre getting. There always is a nice turnout for this, so plan on coming. Sometimes, short notices turn out to be the best.

Call me at 744-2907 with your news. In the meantime, have a good one, and God bless!

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